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QEA designs and manufactures compact portable test instrumentation for industrial applications worldwide. Historically a leader in advanced non-destructive bench-top test equipment for the printing industry, our core competency is in novel measurement technologies and rapid image quality analysis software development for digital printing, packaging, and security printing industries. Our current focus is on off-the-shelf hand-held tools built for ease of use, productivity, standards adherence and low cost.

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See QEA’s PIAS-II image analysis tool and new hand-held spectrometers for UV fluorescence and NIR.  Innovative, cost effective, user-friendly, our spectrometers analyze image quality of documents, prints, drawings, paintings…objects of all kinds. For document examination, forensic investigation, chemical analysis, or material characterization, put the lab in your hand!

PSpec-NIR with Docking Station LR           QEA40 2heads

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