Spectral Analysis

QEA’s PSpec series of products is a new generation of hand-held, wireless, high-performance digital spectrometers that make spectral analysis easier and more convenient than ever before. With our PSpec devices the lab goes with you, enabling collection on the fly of objective, unambiguous data, whenever and wherever it’s needed. Built-in wireless connectivity via Bluetooth enables two-way communication with your smart, tablet or PC. PSpec devices include PC-based Excel application software for data logging, analysis and reporting. With PSpec you’ll enjoy a whole new world of state-of-the-art, mobile analysis tools at an affordable price. The PSpec series offers the perfect tool, whatever your application.

PSpec handheld products for spectral analysis

  • Internal rechargeable battery; continuous operation approximately 4 hours
  • Sturdy aluminum casing
  • Protective carrying holster
  • Measurement aperture (~3mm) at front of unit
  • Built-in color TFT display
  • Thumbwheel feature/function selection switch
  • Grating-based spectrometer optimized for VIS, UVF, NIR or LEDH spectral range
  • Built-in reference tools verify performance and ensure measurement reliability
  • PC-based Excel application software for data logging and analysis; communicates with PSpec via Bluetooth
  • User-selectable settings: integration time, gain, sensitivity, scan averaging, boxcar averaging, Bluetooth on/off, display brightness, data logging, and more…
  • Ideal for product design, R&D, QC, field service, customer support, sales and marketing.
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