Camera Based


IAS®-3000P is a high-power, affordable tool built for sampling print quality in a production environment. IAS-3000P analyzes print quality of cards, labels and other samples up to 4” x 6”. Using the system is simplicity itself—place the sample in the holder, touch the MEASURE button and let the IAS-3000P do the rest. The system performs [...]

IAS – 1000L

IAS®-1000L is an automated label print quality analysis system ideally equipped to analyze strips or continuous rolls of labels in a broad range of sizes.

IAS – 1000AS

In printer profiling, there are so many colors to measure and so much data to handle it can be overwhelming.

IAS – 1000

Results are objective and reliable, and running tests is easy and fast.

ADF for IAS – 1000

The Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) is an ideal complement to QEA’s bench-top IAS-1000 Automated Image Analysis…