IAS-3000P Quantitative Print Analysis System

IAS®-3000P is a high-power, affordable tool built for sampling print quality in a production environment. IAS-3000P analyzes print quality of cards, labels and other samples up to 4” x 6”. Using the system is simplicity itself—place the sample in the holder, touch the MEASURE button and let the IAS-3000P do the rest. The system performs objective test measurements specific to each sample type, delivers real-time pass/fail decisions, saves test data, and generates quality statistics for design verification, process control, quality management and reporting. With a footprint about the size of a notebook PC, the IAS-3000P takes very little space while making all the difference to your QC/QA protocol. With IAS-3000P, subjective visual inspection and manual measurements are a thing of the past!


  • Analyzes real-time images in a matter of seconds.
  • Reports real-time pass/fail decisions based on user-specified limits.
  • Optimized for samples up to 4” x 6”.
  • Saves numerical results to a Microsoft Database (MDB) file; saves images to bitmaps.
  • A comprehensive image analysis toolkit is built in; analyses are performed according to ISO-13660 standards for print quality wherever appropriate.
  • Barcode reading tool is available as option.
  • Barcode verification tool (Code 128 and 39) is available as option.
  • OCR tool is available as option.
  • User-selectable results formats; zoom and color channel display.
  • Runs on Windows 7 to 10, 64-bit.