QEA Profile

Devising Measurement Solutions for Print Quality Control

Established in 1987, QEA is recognized today as a leader in advanced test equipment for the printing industry. Over many years, we have acquired a wealth of application experience in electrophotography, inkjet printing, flexographic printing, security printing, forensic print quality analysis, and spectral analysis. Our worldwide customer base is a who’s who of the printing industry, and QEA products are integral to the R&D and quality control practices of printing technology companies everywhere.

QEA Test Equipment

QEA’s non-destructive tools evaluate electrophotographic printer components and sub-systems, papers and substrates, inks, toners and specialty chemicals, and image quality in every printing technology. Our products range from sophisticated bench-top systems for the most efficient automated testing to portable handheld instruments for measurements anytime, anywhere.

Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of engineering professionals with a passion for devising the measurement solutions our customers need for success. Our mission is to put our technical know-how and ingenuity to work to produce tools of unbeatable value to our clients. Over the years, with our core competency in novel measurement technologies and rapid software development, we have created a large body of proprietary intellectual property and a continually expanding portfolio of off-the-shelf measurement instruments.

The QEA Advantage

What sets QEA apart? Without a doubt it is the depth and breadth of our engineering know-how in non-destructive evaluation techniques, the bedrock of our years of innovation in the world of printing. In QEA’s early years, the company developed non-destructive testing expertise in a host of industries including aerospace, aviation, automotive, medical, electronics, sports and storage-container applications. Every application required a unique solution, and every solution required specialized R&D. QEA’s on-going R&D today is a continuation of its historic commitment to innovation based on scientific inquiry.

Customer Care

Listening to our customers is key to what we do, enabling us to anticipate their needs, build their next-generation solutions, and continue to earn our place as a trusted partner. Our engineers work closely with our users, actively participate in their technical communities and speak their language. On-going communications, together with our applications experience and dedication to R&D, enable us to keep knowledge-based solutions in the pipeline to our clients.