IAS – 1000AS

printer profiling


  • Control software measures spectral, colorimetric, and densitometric values reliably and precisely.
  • Reflective and transmissive measurements analyze opaque and transparent colors.
  • Test sequences for high-speed scanning of various color chart designs are user-programmable.
  • Output is fully compatible with most color profiling software.
  • System is expandable for quantitative print quality analysis and gloss scanning.
  • Automatic document feeder (ADF) available as an option.
  • Runs on PC with Windows® 7 to 10 OS, 64-bit.

In printer profiling, there are so many colors to measure and so much data to handle it can be overwhelming. IAS®-1000AS makes color management manageable, enabling you to get more done faster and more reliably than ever before. This bench-top system performs high-speed color measurement on paper, textiles, vinyl, foam board and other substrates, all without operator intervention. IAS-1000AS handles even difficult sample types such as textiles and other flexible materials with a special mount and a sophisticated algorithm for handling distortion. This is an ideal tool for ensuring precise, repeatable measurements, at the same time boosting productivity.