IAS – 1000

ias1000 automated image quality


  • Includes a built-in toolkit of powerful image quality analysis tools incorporating international standards wherever appropriate.
  • Test results are saved to an MS Access® database. 
  • Quality reports are generated in Excel® or other application software.
  • A wide range of optics modules of different resolutions and illuminations are available as options.
  • Integrated spectrophotometer and glossmeter are available as options.
  • Test sequence programming with the IASLab control software is straightforward with minimal training.
  • Typical applications include application engineering, competitive benchmarking, product specifications, design and development, design verification, process development, process monitoring and control, product

The IAS®-1000 performs automated image quality analyses on prints produced by any printing technology. Results are objective and reliable, and running tests is easy and fast. Even the most complex test sequences are completed in a matter of minutes. IAS-1000 takes the labor and guesswork out of print quality assessment and delivers consistent, quantitative, operator-independent measurements you can depend on. This bench-top system, with computer-controlled X-Y positioning stage and vacuum table to anchor test samples, serves printer, print engine, media, ink, and toner manufacturers in R&D and production settings in a host of applications.