IAS – 1000L

label print quality

IAS®-1000L is an automated label print quality analysis system ideally equipped to analyze strips or continuous rolls of labels in a broad range of sizes. Performing objective measurements automatically, efficiently and consistently, it eliminates the need for subjective visual inspection and tedious manual measurements. IAS-1000L quantifies print quality, identifies defects and reports quality statistics for design verification, process control, and quality management. This system is a powerful, flexible tool—easy to use not only for experts but for less experienced operators responsible for routine testing. IAS-1000L is an ideal tool for both R&D and production environments.


  • Analyzes real-time or saved images in a wide range of image file formats.
  • Numerical results are saved to a text file; images are saved to bitmaps.
  • A comprehensive image analysis toolkit is built in; analyses are performed according to ISO-13660 standards for print quality wherever appropriate.
  • Barcode reading tool is available as option.
  • Real-time pass/fail reporting is based on user-specified limits.
  • System is optimized for continuous strips or rolls of labels ranging from 3/8″ to 4 ½ ″ in width; length unlimited; thickness up to 2mm.
  • Typical throughput is on the order of 20 to 30 labels per minute (depending on size of label, spacing of labels, measurements per label, and complexity of analyses).