ADF for IAS – 1000

automatic document feeder

ADF for IAS-1000:

  • Accommodates a range of paper sizes (A4, A3, 8.5×11″, 11×17″) and weights—16#, 24#, (60 – 90 gsm), 3 – 9 mil thickness
  • Input stack capacity approximately 60 – 125 sheets depending on sheet thickness and condition

The Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) is an ideal complement to QEA’s bench-top IAS-1000 Automated Image Analysis System, providing completely automated inspection of stacks of printed samples. The operator loads samples into the ADF, selects the appropriate test sequence using the IASLab® control software, and clicks the START TEST button. The ADF runs independently, without operator intervention. IASLab directs the ADF to send the samples one at a time into the system. The requested analyses are performed, and the samples are ejected into the output stack. The ADF for IAS-1000 makes sample evaluation fast and efficient.