Installing Analysis Tools

The IASLab software may shut down unexpectedly if no IASLab analysis tools are detected.

This can happen when the software is installed under one user account and later opened under another.

To see if analysis tools are already loaded, click on the Tools menu of the IASLab software. If the system tells you there are None, you will need to add them.

There are two ways to add analysis tools:

  1. Run the installer. The easiest way is simply to run the installer under the current user account. Analysis tools are added as part of the installation process.
  2. Add tools manually. Alternatively, you can add the tools manually by following the steps below. To add the IASLab analysis tools manually, do the following:
    1. Select Add/Remove… from the Options menu.
      • The Add/Remove Tools dialog box will open.
    2. Click Add...
    3. Browse to the application folder for the PIAS-II software (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\QEA\[IASLab device] (for 64-bit OS) or :\Program Files\QEA\[IASLab device] (for 32-bit OS)).
      • A window showing the available IASLab tools will open.
    4. Select the tools listed below. To install each tool, do the following:
      • Highlight the tool.
      • Click Open. The focus will return to the Add/Remove Tools window, where the selected tool will now appear under Tools in Library.
      • In the Add/Remove Tools window, click Add to return the focus to the list of available tools.
      • Repeat these steps until all the tools in the list have been added. Add these tools:
        1. QEA_Area.dll
        2. QEA_Dot.dll
        3. QEA_Line.dll
        4. QEA_Banding.dll
        5. QEA_NPS.dll
        6. QEA_SFR.dll
        7.  QEA_Text.dll (available depending on software version)
        8.  QEA_Graphics.dll (available depending on software version)
    5. Click OK.
    6. Restart the software.

This should solve the problem. If the problem persists, please contact QEA at and include a screenshot of the About [IASLab device] window that appears when the software launches.