Software fails to start

If the software fails to launch, a number of different possible causes must be considered.

  1. Hardware not connected or not detected by Windows.
    • Plug IASLab device into PC.
    • Wait 30 seconds for Windows to recognize device.
    • Restart software.
  2. Software is already running.
    • Close IASLab and restart.
  3. Camera driver corrupted or missing .
    • Reinstall camera driver manually

      GO TO “Reinstalling the camera driver manually” (pp20-22).

  4. Older device connected to newer PC.
    • Power device with USB 2.0- or 3.0-compliant self-powered USB hub supplying at least 500mA per port
    • Avoid using any extension cables with your device
  5. Camera driver not installed correctly.
    • Open the Device Manager, and look for the 1-wire device (i.e., the camera).If the camera driver is not installed properly, the device will not be listed, but you will see that an Unknown Device does appear.
    • Select the unknown device, and manually install the driver.
    • For instructions, GO TO “Reinstalling the camera driver manually” (pp20-22).
  6. The hardware is failing.
    • The 1-wire device (camera) does not appear in the Device Manager, and no Unknown Device is listed.
    • The unit must be sent back to QEA for repair. Please contact us at for instructions.
  7. 32-bit software has been installed on a 64-bit operating system.
    • The 32-bit drivers do not work with 64-bit operating systems.
    • The software must be upgraded. Please contact QEA at
  8. 32-bit software was previously installed on a 64-bit system—applies only to clients who have already acquired 64-bit software.
    • This problem occurs only with systems that originally shipped with 32-bit software, before 64-bit support was available, for which an upgrade to 64-bit was subsequently acquired.
    • In these cases, the device drivers in the Device Manager appear to have been installed correctly, but the software cannot recognize the camera.
    • To overcome the problem, uninstall the older software, and then install the 64-bit upgrade.