Roller/Belt Testing

roller-belt testing

High-quality prints depend on high-quality components. The DRA-2000L, our computer-controlled semi-insulating component test system, emulates the printing process and analyzes all types of semi-insulating rollers, belts, print media, and other semi-insulating materials. Testing is simple—mount the sample in the scanner, select the test, set the test parameters, and start the test with the click of a button. Test results appear on the monitor in a matter of seconds, and scan data are automatically saved. An extensive toolkit of analyses gives you detailed data you can depend on. For ease of use, efficiency, and reliability, the DRA-2000L is ideal for ensuring that your semi-insulating components deliver excellent prints.

Roller/Belt Testing


  • Takes the guesswork out of semi-insulating component evaluation
  • Can be configured to test charge rollers, development rollers, transfer rollers, transfer belts, paper, print media or other sheet materials
  • Accommodates a variety of component models and sizes
  • Test parameters are user-defined, giving users control over conditions such as charging level, scan type, scanning speed, sample rate, and pass/fail criteria
  • Typical applications include development of charge rollers, development rollers, transfer rollers, transfer belts and print media; manufacture of laser printer engines; competitive benchmarking; process development; process monitoring and control; QC, product qualification and acceptance; problem solving; customer support
  • Runs on Windows® 7 to 10, 64-bit

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