• Small footprint; portable
  • USB 2.0 high speed interface to PC; no battery or external power required
  • High-resolution color CCD camera
  • No limit on sample size; analyzes any plate type or color
  • Quantitative analysis of dot quality (dot%, line screen, size, shape, location, screen angle), area (transmittance%), line quality (width, blurriness, raggedness, darkness, contrast, fill)
  • Reliable, repeatable measurements; superior sensitivity and reliability in highlight dot measurements
  • Operates in Interactive mode for product design, research and development, and problem-solving. For operators and supervisors in the plate room, a Process Control option is available for routine plate quality monitoring and control.
  • Pre-programmed test sequence provided (Process Control models)
  • Automatic data logging into database (Process Control models)
  • Graphical statistical process control reporting (Process Control models)
  • Optional optics and software tools available for comprehensive print quality analysis
  • Runs on PC with Windows® 7 to 10 OS, 64-bit

FlexoIAS-II™ is a second-generation test instrument designed for quality monitoring in flexographic printing. FlexoIAS-II™ brings a sophisticated tool to the shop floor, enabling quick, objective, reliable quality analysis of flexographic photopolymer plates, films and masks. When configured with the Process Control option, FlexoIAS-II empowers plate room operators to make critical quality measurements during plate production. The easy-to-use measurement unit, equipped with specialized optics, light box, and advanced imaging software, provides systematic plate quality monitoring and control to catch errors as early as possible in the production process, reducing costs and eliminating down time and waste.

Flexo product matrix
ITR sleevegreenmarkgreenmark
Metal-backed plategreenmarkgreenmark
Control Software
Interactive mode3greenmarkgreenmarkgreenmarkgreenmarkgreenmarkgreenmark
Process control4greenmarkgreenmarkgreenmark

Configuration subject to change without notice


  1. In Plate measurement, the light box is used to back-light the test sample in a transmissive lighting arrangement.
  2. In Print measurement, the test sample is illuminated by the light source built into the optics module in a relective lighting arrangement.
  3. In Interactive Mode, measurements can be made at any arbitrary location on the test sample and the results are displayed in real time. The user is responsible for recording the test results. Images and data can easily be saved or copied and pasted into other applications such as Excel.
  4. In Process Control Mode, measurements are made in a pre-defined sequence and the results are automatically logged into a Microsoft Access database, together with other relevant information for documentation and process tracking. The results can be viewed graphically in a process control chart, together with the equality statistics.