• Small footprint; portable
  • USB 2.0 high speed interface to PC; no battery or external power required
  • High-resolution color CCD camera
  • No limit on plate size; analyzes any plate type or color
  • Quantitative analysis of dot%, line screen, and many other dot quality parameters (size, shape, location, screen angle)
  • Reliable, repeatable measurements; superior sensitivity and reliability in highlight dot measurements
  • Operates in Interactive mode for product design, research and development, and problem-solving. For operators and supervisors in the plate room, Process Control mode configuration is available for routine plate quality monitoring and control.
  • Pre-programmed test sequence provided (Process Control models)
  • Automatic data logging into database (Process Control models)
  • Graphical statistical process control reporting (Process Control models)
  • Runs on PC with Windows® 7 to 10 OS, 64-bit

FlexoIAS-IIM™ is a state-of-the-art second-generation image analyzer used in flexographic and letterpress printing to quantify the quality of sleeves and metal-backed plates. FlexoIAS-IIM dramatically expands the range of printing materials that can be characterized. Powered by QEA’s advanced image analysis technology and equipped with a specially-designed light source and optics, FlexoIAS-IIM offers quick, easy, objective measurements on sleeves and both opaque and metal-backed plates.

FlexoIAS-IIM Analyzes:

  • Computer-to-Plate (CTP) sleeves, plates, and masks
  • In-the-Round (ITR) products
  • Metal-backed letterpress, dry offset, and newsprint plates
  • Direct laser-engraved rubber
  • Mounted sleeves (in situ on press)