IAS – 2000C

2000c cart print quality

IAS®-2000C analyzes cards and smart cards of every variety and every level of design complexity. Designed specifically for the card industry, the scanner-based IAS-2000C takes the subjectivity out of card print quality evaluation and gives you consistent, quantitative, operator-independent measurements every time—quickly, easily, and reliably. For R&D, process development, quality control, diagnostics, and quality management, the fully-automated IAS-2000C is an ideal tool for quantifying all the attributes that affect human perception of image quality, at the same time boosting productivity.

IAS® – 2000C:

  • Single-side or duplex scanning
  • Duplex throughput typically a few seconds per card; exact rate depending on test sequence complexity
  • Analyzes real-time or saved images in a wide range of image formats
  • Numerical results output to database or text file and images to bitmaps
  • Image attributes analyzed according to ISO-13660 international standards wherever applicable
  • Toolkit includes bar code tool for reading bar codes
  • OCR and bar code verification tools available as options
  • 40-card capacity, assuming 30-mil card thickness
  • Runs on PC with Windows® 7 to 10 OS, 64-bit