IAS – 2000D

The scanner-based IAS-2000D quantifies image quality of prints of all kinds, produced by any printing technology. The comprehensive suite of image analysis tools, applying ISO international print quality standards wherever appropriate, gives you quantitative, reliable, repeatable results every time. Two modes of operation—interactive and automated—make this an ideal tool for both R&D and production.  In interactive mode, experts have all the flexibility they need to investigate image attributes or design test sequences. In automated mode, operators with minimal training reap the benefits of a system designed for optimal productivity in production settings.

IAS® – 2000D:

  • Single-side or duplex scanning
  • Optional ADF available for flat-bed configurations.
  • Analyzes real-time or saved images in a wide range of image formats
  • Numerical results output to database or text file and images to bitmaps
  • Image attributes analyzed according to ISO-13660 international standards wherever applicable
  • Runs on Windows® 7 to 10 OS, 64-bit.
  • Typical applications include:
    • R&D
    • Process development
    • Quality control
    • Diagnostics and problem-solving
    • Quality management